Monday, January 18, 2016

Paintings 2016

Blue Houses in Portsmouth

Ladd and Holmes Court

No Parking on Goathill

Richards Ave. and Kevin's

State and Penhallow

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Paintings 2015

Blue Houses in Beverly

Summit School and Cox

17 Cox Street

Cox and School Streets

Cox St. to Goat Hill

School and 17 Cox

Charnock Street to Enfield

Congress and Cox Streets

Enfield, Milton and Portsmouth

Portsmouth Greenway and Cox

Snead and Charnock

South Street and Cox

Gardner, South and River Streets

Paintings 2014

Austin and South Streets

Behind Marcy Street

Green House and Ceres

Greenway Route

Behind Marcy Street

Holmes Ct. and South St.

Milton and Lake Streets

Milton to Brooks Ave.

South Street

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paintings 2013

Austin and South Mill

Beverly Portsmouth Connection
One Way on State Street

Penhollow and Bartlett Streets

Pickering St. and Woodbury Ave.

Pleseant St. to 95 and Rt 1

Paintings 2012

Blue House on Prospect Hill

Ceres Street

Chase Street and Main

Clocktower and Garden St.

Corner of Marcy and Gates

Powerlines - Exeter to Newburyport

Essex and Propsect Streets

Flair and Prospect Hill

Millyard and Clinton St.

Austin and Winter Streets

Birds on Prospect Hill

Court Street to Hayes Park

Rogers Street

Tanner Street to Nashua

Thorndike Street
To Court Street

Paintings 2011

103 For Sale and Briscoe St.

Cabot St., Market and Water St.

Clinton and Front in Nashua

Columbia and Washington St.

Exeter Rd. Newmarket to Portsmouth

Hammett St. to Exeter

High St. Grocery

Nashua Millyard

Pianos on Water and Franklin

Washburn and Spring Street